To view all the Tweets from the actual chat scroll down to about Tweet # 765 and start reading up! :-)
Directions on how to grab the Tweets using the Hashtag #TLChat Below!

How to create a Google Spreadsheet of tweets with the same hashtag:
Very soon after the event, use the FREE website: Search Hash
external image searchhash.png
and put in the hashtag and the days you wish to grab. From the website:

Download hashtagged tweets as a spreadsheet to archive or analyse

"Want to save or analyse all the tweets which used a particular hashtag? Enter a hashtag below to get a list of all the tweets which referenced it, to download as a CSV spreadsheet or share with friends or colleagues - great for post-event analysis. No logins or spam tweets involved, promise.
n.b. Twitter only makes the last few days' tweets available to search, and limits search results to around 1,500 tweets."

Download the tweets to your hard drive as a .CSV file. Open your Google drive & create NEW Spreadsheet > go to File > Import > Find the .CSV file & click File imported successfully. ------> Click Open now ยป -- Adjust the fields & hide first field - Publish & grab HTML to embed -- edit the embed code to fit wiki or webpage. Voila! Super thanks to Joyce Valenza for finding this great work around!